The Divinity of Dogs CD

Music to Calm Dogs and the People who Love Them

– New Age Bestseller –

Why is this music CD playing 24/7 in animal shelters throughout the world? Because it works! Atlanta musician and composer George Skaroulis joined forces with author Jennifer Skiff to create the music CD. The duo produced the CD using the latest auditory and acoustical research into the positive effects certain music has on dogs (in both home and shelter environments).

The CD is currently being used by animal shelters and in foster environments throughout the world (including the Atlanta Humane Society). The shelters have reported back that the music is working to calm the dogs in their care.

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George Skaroulis on The Divinity of Dogs CD

Listen to a sample of the music.

Music Reviews:

“Absolutely beautiful, peaceful and calming, I could listen to this 1000 times in a row and never get tired of it! Whenever I am stressed I put it on, and instantaneously I can feel the tension begin to fade. This heals the heart! My dog is afraid of thunderstorms and if I play this she too relaxes immediately.”
Nym Puppy (Amazon)

“There is love in every note. As I sit here listening to this beautiful and comforting music, I am spending what will be my last quiet moments with Wagner, my best friend… my heart dog. He is dying and my heart is breaking. I am so grateful to have found this music to share with him. It is indeed peaceful. As I stroke his fur gently, I watch his breathing slow and his body relaxes… and so does mine. I am treasuring every touch, every sigh, every breath he takes. “You Are My Sunshine,” speaks to the love I have for my boy.”
D. Ziefle

“What beautiful relaxing music. My dog seems to like it. He was very upset by the storm that just passed through but is now snoring after just listening to it for a few minutes.”
Brenda Taggart

“The accompanying music CD is awesome. It really does relax both dog and dog’s human family! It’s dog tested and approved!”
Vernita Leins

“This music is wonderful! My cats and I love it as much as the dogs. Very pleasant to leave on while working at projects, as well as for our animal family!”
Glenda Nelson

“Beautiful. This CD compliments Jennifer Skiff’s book admirably and I really enjoy listening to the soothing sounds of the talented George Skaroulis. As a child I always sang “You Are My Sunshine” to my dog, so that track is a favorite, but all the songs are soothing and peaceful. On the whole, the CD is a wonderfully chosen collection of music and it does work to calm both my Golden Retriever and myself, during our ‘quiet times’ at home and especially in the car in traffic. My dog thinks it’s him on the cover so that helps!”
Desma Mitchell

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