About Jennifer

Jennifer Skiff is an award-winning journalist, author, and animal advocate. Her best-selling inspirational books, The Divinity of Dogs and God Stories, are published in seven languages. Her latest book, Rescuing Ladybugs, has received three 1st place literary prizes including a Gold Nautilus.

For more than a decade Jennifer traveled the world working as an investigative environmental correspondent for CNN. Her independently-produced programs about animals have aired on The Discovery Channel and other networks globally. Among other honors, she’s received the prized Environmental Media Award.

Jennifer has more than 25 years of experience leading animal welfare organizations and she leads by example.  After witnessing the torture of Asiatic bears in 1998, she initiated and led the successful campaign to build the first bear sanctuary in the country of Laos.  Today that sanctuary is home to 22 bears. While on vacation in Indonesia, she witnessed extreme neglect of animals at a hotel zoo. She negotiated with management, facilitating the release of twelve chained monkeys into their natural habitat. Her intervention was credited for shuttering the zoo six months later.  She is a trustee of the Dogs’ Refuge Home in Australia and an advisor to Animal Aid USA and the Institute for Humane Education.

In 2019, Jennifer was appointed Director of International Programs for The Center for a Humane Economy (CHE) & Animal Wellness Action (AWA) in Washington. She specializes in public policy, treaty enforcement, and corporate reform initiatives to benefit animals and people globally.  She is also currently serving as a diplomatic strategist for SPCA International.

In her aforementioned book, Rescuing Ladybugs, Jennifer coined the phrase “The Compassion Movement.” She defines it as “the collective quest to alleviate suffering for all forms of life.” Teachers around the world are using the book in conjunction with her free, online “Compassionate Action” resource to inspire students to create lasting change.