Indonesia Animals Update 3

A friend has gone to the hotel and has reported that the Porcupine and Monkeys do not have food or water.  I have contacted the manager.  Action is now required.

Indonesia Animals Update 2

An email was sent to the manager noting that there had been no response from the owners of the hotel regarding the offer of assistance for the animals.

Indonesia Animals Update 1

A formal letter and offer of assistance was sent to the manager of the Jayakarta Hotel, to be sent to the owners of the hotel.  The letter offers professional help and, if necessary, financial help, to create healthy enclosures for animals in their care.  An email was received from the manger stating that he would send pictures of the new water bowls.  The pictures were not received.

Positive Change in Indonesia



Here’s my “vacation” news. After witnessing atrocities here in Flores, Indonesia, I met with my hotel manager and explained that I was here to make change.  And change we made: 12 monkeys freed from chains today. Nine released into idyllic jungle habitat. One enclosure rebuilt under my direction with ropes, toys, bamboo poles, and water bowls. Three monkeys, a family of a mother and two children released into large enclosure. Porcupine has renovated enclosure with matt floor and his own hollow log. Only wire cage floor, no water, and nothing else in enclosure before today. Proper water bowl promisedtomorrow. Four geese released from cage with no food or water. That was a sight to see them launch into a pond and drink! New roof on monkey enclosure. Most thankful was porcupine who ran out of his log tonight to greet me with coos and nose scratches. All monkeys before today were chained with no interaction with each other and NO access to water.

Miracle day. People wanted to make change. They needed the push. The promise of me promoting the hotel, helped. And, I will. The hotel is the Jayakarta, Flores, Indonesia. Well done to the manager Augus, for making it happen! As I left enclosure tonight, monkeys were together, grooming each other. Why were they left behind? That was the deal. They are free from the chains and have a large enclosure. I have a friend who stays here often and will report back. The truth remains… These people wanted change, wanted permission to help these animals and were thrilled to take part in the release and renovations. It would not have happened if many before me hadn’t complained. The compassion movement is alive!

I’m exhausted!
xx Jen