Jennifer is the Director of International Programs for:

The Center for a Humane Economy:

Animal Wellness Action:

She serves as a volunteer with each of these special charities:

Animal Aid USA:

Dogs’ Refuge Home:

Institute for Humane Education:

The world heroes who are profiled in the book Rescuing Ladybugs, founded or have leadership roles with the following charities and projects:

Animals Asia:
Animals Australia:
Blue Sphere Foundation:
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation:
Brightside Farm Sanctuary:
Campaign Against Canned Hunting:
Dolphin Project:
Great Ape Project:
Great Elephant Census:
Humane Society of the United States:
Institute for Humane Education:
Jaguar Conservation Fund:
Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue:
Manta Trust:
Misool Foundation:
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:
Peter Singer website:
Protect What Is Precious:
Royal Animal Health University:
South Fork Natural History Museum and Nature Center:
Temple Grandin website:
Vulcan Productions:
Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand:
We Animals:
World Animal Protection: