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Photo: Mary Ellen Reed Martel

Passionate about animals and their welfare, Jennifer works with charities throughout the world to bring relief to abused and abandoned animals while creating laws to protect them.  She led the successful campaign to build the first bear sanctuary in the country of Laos, initiated the release of nine chained monkeys into their natural habitat in Indonesia, and has been known to rescue cats and unchain dogs in Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, the the USA.

Excerpt from The Divinity of Dogs:

“My sun shines when I’m around animals and the people dedicated to helping them. I’m grateful to everyone who rescues and whose hearts are filled with empathy for others. In my lifetime I’ve been involved with organizations whose members have become family. I love this family and admire and respect all its warriors. If there’s a storm that rages inside me, it’s due to the fact that we have to battle the limitless greed that motivates some to abuse and exploit animals. Unless we join forces against puppy factories/mills, our work will never end. When you buy a dog and cannot physically see where it came from or meet its parents, there’s a very good chance you have just paid someone to abuse another dog. Caged like factory hens and often diseased, matted, and malnourished, these dogs are purposely hidden away, so people can’t see how they’re treated. Unless we work on laws that put an end to puppy factories and do not participate in buying dogs that come from these people, the horrific abuses will continue. Please join in the effort to end the cycle. I thank all of you who are already doing your part, and I share your pain.”