Compassionate Action Educational Resource

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see your students ignite their compassion and turn it into action? The Compassionate Action teaching resource inspires students by giving them tools to initiate the change they’d like to see in their communities and globally.

“Now is the time to empower students by teaching them how to create solutions to the problems in our world. This resource shows them how to turn their compassion into action for others,” says author and former CNN journalist. “The resource raises awareness about problems impacting animals and features heroes who are making positive changes globally for all species – including our own,” she adds.

The guide is paired with the book, Rescuing Ladybugs: Inspirational Encounters with Animals that Changed the World. The award-winning book is praised by Dr. Michael Fox as “an exceptional book — a clarion call to awaken our empathy, ignite compassionate action, and help recover our humanity in these dystopian times. It should be required reading for all high school students.

The Library Journal review states: “Each essay is passionately written and in a style that seems as if Skiff is conversing with listeners individually. A first-rate addition to library environmental and science collections.”

The resource, created with Skiff and renown enrichment educator Camille Licate, provides lessons to inspire, projects to motivate, and templates to work with lawmakers for a brighter world. Whether you’re a school teacher, humane educator, or are looking for an interactive class to teach kids at camp, animal shelters or nature centers, please consider this teaching project a gift made possible by the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation.

We have two programs: one for middle school, the other for high school.  Please follow the link and we’ll set you up with a resource program that is a top pick for teachers who are using it to fulfill community service commitments. While it’s being used in geography, social studies, life science, writing, language arts, and technology studies – the resource is perfect for common core lessons, service-learning projects, and project-based lessons.

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