The Divinity of Dogs

True Stories of Miracles Inspired by Man’s Best Friend

From the introduction:

“I believe life is a journey and that we’re here to learn and grow spiritually. I also believe dogs are a gift from the Divine sent here to help us on our way. The Divinity of Dogs is about people’s moments of enlightenment with dogs. It includes stories where love, tolerance, comfort, compassion, loyalty, joyfulness, and even death have provided inspirational lessons about life from experiences with dogs.

Whether you believe dogs are divine or a gift from the Divine, The Divinity of Dogs gives you permission to accept what you know: dogs provide us with a clear example of all that is good. They are healers, educators, protectors, and tangible examples of divine love. For those of you who agree with this philosophy this book confirms all we know and puts an exclamation point on it!

My dogs have been the reason I have woken up every single day of my life with a smile on my face. They have protected me from mean people and have given me insight into potential partners. They have been my children and my parents. They have loved me the most. I am among the ranks of millions of people who appreciate the souls of dogs and know they are a gift of pure love and an example of all that is good. More than anything, they have taught me how to be a better person. I’m not alone. The world is filled with people who have reached the same conclusion and are happy to share why.

Joy and Little Bit
Joy Peterkin lost her home and belongings in Hurricane Katrina – but she still had her Chihuahua, Little Bit. Just as Joy was finding some normalcy in her life, Little Bit began persistently nudging a spot on her breast. In this book, find out what Little Bit knew that doctors didn’t.
Scott Thornsley thought his life was over. He lost his job of 19 years, and his wife left him. He felt no one loved or wanted him. He decided to kill himself. At the very moment he chose to act on his decision, his Rottweiler Emma ran into the room, grabbed his hand ferociously, and pulled him to the front door. What happened next, in the darkest moment of his life, saved him.Mazie the Lab was on death row at a shelter. She was rescued by a prison canine training program and then by a service dog charity.
Freda Powell was in her own battle with life. She had challenged autistic twin boys and was trying to survive the loss of her oldest son in a heartbreaking tragedy. The last thing Freda wanted was a dog until Mazie came and rescued her entire family.

As much as we look up at the stars and know there is more than life on earth, the divinity of dogs is just as unexplainable and profound. They may be the purest example of divine love in an earthly soul many of us ever experience. If we take their lead, open our hearts and embrace their love, we may just find our own journey a lot more enlightening.” Jennifer Skiff

Jennifer Skiff on The Divinity of Dogs

Critic reviews

“An uplifting book…filled with pure joy”
Chicago Tribune

“Tissue alert, but in a good way…uplifting.”
USA Weekend

“Jennifer Skiff’s miraculous book is filled with happy dog faces and inspiring stories that touch the canine-human bond.”
Blue Heron Journal

“A fabulous collection of personal accounts of how dogs have helped people. Ranging from near miracles to simply providing love and companionship, these accounts are all heartwarming… a fabulous holiday gift for a dog loving friend or as a party exchange gift at your local dog club.”

“It can be easy to lose sight of the humanity we all share when so much turmoil exists over resources and money and power. But with something as easy as a book filled with love stories about dogs, it can be much easier to remember the kind of people we should all strive to be — the kind who listen to our dogs a little more and the rest of the noise a little less.”
The Huffington Post

“One of the most inspiring collections of dog stories assembled.”
Iron Mountain Daily News

“A perfect read for dog lovers and those wishing to adopt. An uplifting collection of stories about people who have had other-worldly experiences through their relationships with dogs.”
Shelf Awareness

“This book should come with its own box of tissues, because, trust me, you won’t get through it without needing several. Some stories make you smile through your tears, some bring a tear because of the obvious bond between human and dog, but all of them will touch you in some way.”
Post Journal

“True stories of love, miracles and personal transformations involving dogs.”
Sun Journal

“Reader advisory: Must be read with tissues! You don’t have to be a pet lover to fall in love with these stories. The Divinity of Dogs captures the unconditional love and loyalty of dogs and delivers it with one big wet kiss.”
Carole Tomko, President of MyDiscovery

“The Divinity of Dogs is a fascinating read – bringing to life the very special, sometimes incredible, aspects of dogs, with whom we have the privilege to share our lives.”
Clarissa Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of the Dogs Trust

“Every dog I’ve had the privilege of knowing has imparted some special lesson, insight or transcendent gift to me. It’s what they do. The Divinity of Dogs captures the essence of dogs and their many gifts to humankind. Wonderful stories.”
Francis Battista, Co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society

“This wonderful book is a treasure trove of fascinating stories that will entertain, inspire, enlighten, and amaze you. Soul-enriching.”
Lewis Regenstein, President of the Interfaith Council for the Protection of Animals and Nature

“I loved this book. The Divinity of Dogs captures the beautiful non-verbal messages between people and their pets. It’s a powerful page-turner!”
Debi Boies, co-founder of Pilots N Paws

“Do yourself a favor, read this book, adopt a dog and join the rest of us who know the secret of a happy life.”
Karen Rhodes, President, Dogs’ Refuge Home

Reader reviews

“Fabulous, heart-warming, comforting, riveting! I could not put this book down until it was finished. I cried, I laughed, I smiled. Jennifer’s writing is riveting and the stories are amazing. I am sure that there are a million more stories out there which are so very like these and I am glad Jennifer’s intense love for animals prompted her to share these wonderful dogs and their guardians and families with us. A feel good book if there ever was one!”
SapphireCP (Amazon)

“I was totally moved by this book. Hooked from the start to the profound end. This is the best book about dog and man that I’ve ever read.”
Rory McBride

“This book was the best book I have read in a very long time. I cannot compare it to any other book because this is a one of a kind. I also cried, smiled, had my heart melt, and the list goes on. Thank you for such a wonderful gift!”
Erika Faber

“This is one of the most inspiring books I have read – ever! I have always believed in the spiritual connection between humans and dogs and now I know I am not alone. Wonderful and heartening. The ideal gift for someone who has recently lost a loved pet.”
Jim S.

“Reading this book was like eating a hot fudge sundae. It was a wonderful journey that left me feeling good at the end. Fantastic read!”
Dog Lover2 (Amazon)

“I am reading this book… and it is the best book I have ever read.”
Rion Millwood

“One of the Best Books I have ever read. This book was so heart touching. Being a dog lover, I was so touched by the experiences of the dogs and the owners and how each came together. I would love to buy several hard copies and send them to all my animal loving friends. This is one I will definitely read over and over. A true blessing to animal lovers.”
Deborah Hambrick

“The Divinity Of Dogs is a phenomenal book! I found reading this book to be a journey and also inspiring. Reading the experiences of peoples lives, what dogs are capable of and what can happen when the two are brought together was amazing. I also learned from this book. I just can’t say enough about this book and I wonder if there will be a sequel. I hated to put this book down and was sad to see it come to an end.”
Michelle Wos

“If you’re a dog lover, this book will throw open the gate and unleash the pure love and joy that is the divine nature of dog. The authors and others stories of hope, love, and healing will remind you of beloved dogs, past and present, whose paw prints left a profound imprint on human hearts and lives.  For those who think, “It’s just a dog,” prepare to be enlightened.”
SeaDream91 (Amazon)

“Tears of joy and sadness but all good! Everyone who has written a review has captured the soul of Jennifer Skiff’s book. As a guy I could not even reach the end of the forward before tissues were needed. This is NOT a negative. Clean tears of love, happiness and yes, sorrow are what make us human. Embrace them and share this book widely.”
Marion O. Laney

“I LOVE this book. I am an ordained minister and totally agree that dogs have a gift of the divine. The stories in this book will make you smile, some will make you cry (but you can always skip the sad ones), and ALL of the stories will remind you of what a wonderful gift our dogs are to us. Dogs mirror the unconditional love of God, and sometimes our dogs are the only ones we get that kind of love from – here on earth. I highly recommend this book. In fact, I have bought eight additional copies to give to my dog loving friends and fellow dog rescuers. Thank you Jennifer for a well-written collection of stories from people who recognized the special qualities of dogs!”
Rev Melissa Bitting

“Heartwarming! Once I started it, I could not put this book down! Beautifully written and the stories completely warmed my heart. So nice to read about how dogs change people’s lives. Highly recommend!”
Esme (Amazon)

“I am quite certain I will wear this book out quickly by reading it over and over. This is the most genuine and soulful collection of stories that I have ever read. You do not need to be a dog lover (who isn’t??) to truly appreciate these miraculous and divine events. This book will make your heart swell with love and your eyes well up with happy tears.”
Carla Anderson Stowe

“I loved every page of this beautiful book that speaks volumes of the divine gift a dog’s loving soul is to a human. Every story is well told and pulls at the heartstrings. I love that this book shows incredible dogs the gratitude they deserve for their selfless acts and unwavering love. I am blessed to have my own little angel with fur, and read this book in one hand, while petting her with the other. Excellent read, suggest it for everyone!”
J St C (Amazon)

“Anyone who has ever had his heart warmed by a wet nose will fall in love with this book from page one. In The Divinity of Dogs, author Jennifer Skiff artfully arranges an assortment of tales like so many mosaic tiles to create an immensely compelling portrait of the mysterious bond that exists between dogs and their humans. Some of the stories are sweet and touching; others are emotional and wrenching–but all are brimming with heart. Pieces of the author’s own tender tales are woven throughout the book, lending both cohesion and an additional note of authenticity to the work. Like the relationships it celebrates, this book, too, seems possessed of a magical power to inspire and transform. Grab a copy–and a box of tissues–today and enjoy!”
Lee Gaitan