A Miracle for Thanksgiving

Four years ago this week I adopted this special girl and named her Honey because of her sweet nature. She came to the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA after being hurt by someone.

The veterinarian said she had suffered blunt force trauma and was permanently blind in one eye. That didn’t bother her. And, well, I loved her immediately.

A year ago Honey lost her hearing and her only working eye began to cloud over, her vision obstructed by a cataract. Her quality of life changed dramatically. She began to bump into things, slept a lot, and lost muscle strength.

My husband and I took her to an eye specialist and were told she could have cataract surgery but there was a risk. Although it was slight, a side effect of cataract surgery is sometimes glaucoma, causing irreversible blindness. So we made a conscious choice to wait until she had nearly lost all sight before the operation.

Two weeks ago my darling 13 year-old was delivered into the arms of a veterinary eye specialist and her cataract was removed. It was touch and go for a week. She got an ulcer and then an eye infection. But today I share with you the moment Honey and I both realized she could see again! Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude for dogs, veterinarians, rescuers and the man who paid the bill!