Being Happy

Unfettered joy. That’s what she stirred in me. Her soul was fated to cross my path and I was given the choice to accept the gift she offered, or turn away.

On that beautiful day, I chose to take a dying dog home for hospice. And on that car ride home I named her Happy because she exuded happiness – even when the scars of neglect and abuse were frightfully visible.

The veterinarian told me Happy wasn’t long for the world. She was riddled with cancer, had epilepsy, multiple infections, was starved, and came from a situation of known abuse. She was given six – twelve months to live.

That was six years ago. She lived because love begets love. My promise to her is to live by her lead – to appreciate all the gifts of love that have been bestowed upon me, and to be Happy. -Jennifer Skiff

Thank you for the gift of you, my darling girl.

Photo sequence: the transition of Happy