Finding the Light



‎Tonight‬: I missed the ‪Pope‬ but found the light.

On my first night in ‪Washington‬ to begin my work with the The Humane Society of the United States, I went to Rosa Mexicano Restaurant for dinner. I was seated near a window and my view was of this man, in a wheelchair, pan-handling.

His name is Andre. As I watched the passersby, I noticed that he was smiling, at everyone. Intrigued by his light, I invited him to have dinner with me. And that’s when he told me his story. He said I could share it with you.

When Andre was 37 years-old, he was working as a security guard. On his way home from work one night he was robbed by six men wearing ski masks. After they robbed him, they shot him six times. He lived but became a paraplegic.

Perhaps the saddest part of the story, he says, is that his best friend, high on drugs, was one of the people who shot him. That person, he said, is now in prison doing 45+ years without parole.

I asked him if he had any advice for people.

He said his advice is for young people. “When your parents and friends tell you to stay away from someone, there’s a reason for it. Stay away from them. Stay away from drugs and people who do drugs.”

Andre told me that he’s not homeless but that he pan-handles to pay his mortgage. And, he needs extra money for pet food. Because, you see, he helps the homeless dogs and cats in his neighborhood. Why doesn’t that surprise me?

Andre. Best dinner date I’ve had in a long time!