The Joy of Fostering Dogs & Cats

I find fostering particularly difficult. Having said that, I jumped into the car yesterday when the Dogs’ Refuge Home called and asked if I’d foster a young girl named Chanel who’d just been surrendered.  

This is a photo of my bed last night. Sunny is in the forefront, with Chanel (in the bed she came with) near my pillow.


Luckily there aren’t any photos of the cry-baby who returned her back to the shelter this morning to meet her perfect family. I apologize to all the staff who had to console me. #notpretty

This brings me to the most important part of the story. Last night I laughed – a lot. Joy filled my heart as I watched the dogs play together. Chanel was a ray of sunshine.  ☀️

If it weren’t for the good people who volunteer for and staff animal shelters around the world, the light provided by millions of special animals would never fill a home. Their joy and love would not reach those for whom it was intended.  

Fostering is hard but it’s worth it. In one night I was injected with an infinite amount of love and I’m grateful. 

To all my friends in the compassion movement who rescue: May you always know the love you create.  💘