Living with Gratitude for Those Who Serve

A few months ago I had the privilege of talking to a great group of people in Concord, New Hampshire about The Compassion Movement and the heroes in the book, Rescuing Ladybugs. 

I made quite a few friends that night.  One of them is Jimmy Pappas, a Vietnam veteran, teacher, and published writer.    

After reading Ladybugs, Jimmy reached out to me to tell me he enjoyed the animal stories.  He also wanted to share a poem he wrote about his friend Bobby, a fellow Vietnam veteran.  “Bobby was poor and uneducated, so he would never be able to travel in life. This gives him a chance to travel in death. I hope the world sees him as just a regular human being called on to do terrible things,” he said.

I know that Memorial Day was last weekend but we all know that our love and gratitude for those who serve is everlasting. 

Jimmy’s poem about Bobby has won a Reader’s Choice Award.  He’s asked me to share it with you, my friends – from all over the world.  For your Sunday dose of grateful reflection, please click on this link: 

Photo Courtesy: His Family