Why We Do It

Scout: a happy reminder

Scout: a happy reminder

Finding your people and the ‪‎dog‬ who represents why you do it.

I’m in Washington in my new role as Chair of the The Humane Society of the United States Maine State Council. There are 200 people here with me at a leadership summit.

We’re all learning about the serious issues facing animals in our world and how to create and enact laws for protection.

Last night, as many of my colleagues were watching a film about the illegal dog meat trade in Asia called Eating Happiness, I received a burst of love from Scout.

Scout was destined for a brutal ending in Korea when Humane Society International helped a willing “farmer” shut down his dog meat operations.

Scout made it into the loving arms of a woman named Leslie Barcus.

Last night, he was the smiling, loving, happy reminder of why we do what we do.